New #1 in Women´s Aquabike Ranking Europe

Since the launch of the Aquabike Ranking Europe, the men´s rankings remained quite stable. Adam Lambrechts taking clear wins in last years European and World Championships and also other athletes performing well in both big races, there haven´t been too many changes in the the top rankings eversince.

The situation in the women´s rankings is quite different though. With no female athlete in the top ranks in both big events, it´s still possible to get to the top with some top performances in smaller races. After Amy Sole dethroned last season´s number one Clare Crabtree in June, Amy had to pass the scepter on to the new leader in the women´s ranking only a few weeks later.

Number 1!

After a great performace at the Cowman Triathlon near Northamption it is now…

Hannah Paull

who is holding the leader´s position in the women´s rankings.

Chapeau and congratulations to Hannah! 🥳

Though with the World Championships coming in three weeks, we can expect some major changes in the rankings very soon. So good luck to Hannah to hold the pole position for a little longer.