New #1 in Women´s Aquabike Ranking Europe

When there are any changes in the top ranks of the Aquabike Ranking Europe I usually write about it in the weekly race reports. But a new number one certainly deserves a little bit more attention.

New Number 1

While the Top 10 in the men´s ranking remained unchanged we saw some major changes in the women´s ranking this week. With her 3rd place overall in the Metric Aquabikus at ActiveTrainingWorld´s Centurion Triathlon Herts Nicki Broad climbed up to #7. She finished her second middle distance race this year only two weeks after the Grafman Middle Distance Aquabike (which in the end wasn´t really a middle distance race since the bike leg was shortened due to bad weather conditions).

But as you can see in the headline this wasn´t the main change in this week´s rankings – although no other athlete of the Top 10 has been racing last weekend. After finishing no less than seven aquabike races last year, former #1 Clare Crabtree hasn´t participated in any aquabike races this racing season yet. After losing her points from last year´s A Day In The Lakes Triathlon she eventually had to leave the top spot on the podium.

So the new #1 in the women´s ranking is…

Amy Sole

Chapeau Amy! 🥳

We wish you all the best to keep the place in the sun for a little while!