New: Aquabike Championships Medal Tables

We all know the medal tables from the Olympics or other big sports events. But now we also have medal tables for aquabike championship races. In our classical country medal table we show you, which countries won the most medals at World and European Championships. But we also have athlete´s medal  tables to honor the most successful male and female aquabike athletes at World, European and National Championships.

Aquabike World Championships Medal Table

MedalsThe leaders of the medal tables for Aquabike World Championships might not come as a big surprise. With 99 gold, silver and bronze medals the United States are clearly the most successful nation. Followed by the UK with a total of 58 medals.

The third spot on the podium is quite interesting though. Third best nation with no less than eight gold medals is New Zealand. That´s quite impressive considering that the Kiwi athletes had quite a long travel to each of the events. They also grabbed 6 silver and 5 bronze medals, making a total medal count of 19 – quite impressive. However there was another country with a higher total number of medals. Aquabike athletes from Germany won a total of 23 medals (only 6 of them in gold though). This is certainly remarkable since there hasn´t been a single aquabike race in their home country before 2022.


Aquabike European Championships Medal Table

So it´s also not a big surprise that Germany takes the second place behind the UK on the medal table for European Championships with a total of 31 medals.

Although the lead of the UK might not be a big surprise, the total of no less than 72 medals is still remarkable, considering that UK athletes were basically banned from the Europeans in Austria last year due to travel restrictions. Meaning that British aquabikers only could participate in two of the three European Championships that took place until today.

Austria in third spot is also not a big surprise. Of course Austrian athletes were well represented at their home Championships in Walchsee in 2021. But it´s also the country with the second most aquabike races in Europe (clear #1 is of course Great Britain).

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Male Aquabike Athletes Medal Table

It doesn´t come as a big surprise that this table is mainly led by athletes from the US and the UK since aquabike races were established there long before anywhere else (though there are still no nationals in the UK). Nevertheless – the medal count of some athletes is quite impressive. Only two athletes managed to win medals at all four World Championships since 2017 though. Robert Smartt (3 x gold and 1 x silver) and Blair Saunders (2 x gold and 2 x silver). The latter of whom is also the leader of the board. With another four medals at National Championships Blair Saunders is the only athlete to grab no less than eight championship medals in aquabike races since 2017.


Female Aquabike Athletes Medal Table

No female athlete managed to win medals at all four World Championships, but there are women from the UK who grabbed three gold medals: Amy Pritchard and Maria Powell. With two more European titles Amy Pritchard is the only athlete to win five titles at European and World Championships so far. But it´s US athlete Amber Smolik who has even more aquabike championship medals in her palmarés. With four national titles and a gold and a bronze medal at the world championships, she´s the only female athlete to collect 6 medals over the last years.

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