We proudly present: Aquabike Ranking Europe

Aquabike Ranking Europe is a ranking that´s calculated from all aquabike race results in Europe. For every race result of each athlete we calculate points. So as soon as you finish any aquabike race in Europe, you will get points. The summary of all points of each athlete within the last 12 month result in the current ranking.

How do you rank?

Find out here: https://www.aquabike.events/ranking/
You can click on an athlete´s name to see his full athlete profile.

Aquabike Ranking EuropeThe points of each athlete in each race are calculated individually. In our points calculation we consider of course the ranking position of the athlete in the race but also the time gap to the winner of the race. Other factors are the race distance, difficulty level and the number of finishers. There are also extra points for National, European or World Championships. However, the exact formula of how the points are calculated remains our secret 😉

On our ranking page you can also filter the ranking by gender, country, race distance or age group. For the age group ranking however we can only include athletes of which we know the year of birth. We only have this information from athletes who participated in a race where the year of birth is listed in the results (or in some cases from other public sources like the ITU athlete profile if available). If you want to add the year of birth to your athlete profile you will hopefully be able to edit it yourself in the near future. In the meantime please send us an email to mail [at] aquabike.events to let us know, so we can add your year of birth.

There is also a discipline filter at the indivdual ranking page. So you can also check your ranking for swim or bike only.

Country Ranking

Besides the individual ranking we also have a country ranking. Check it out here: https://www.aquabike.events/country-ranking/

If you click on a country you´ll get to the indivdual ranking of all athletes of the country. And of course you can also filter the country ranking by gender, race distance or age group.

We hope you like our Aquabike Ranking and maybe it gives you some extra motivation for the next season!